Will Obama win the 2012 Presidential Election?

by brunettebabe2012 on January 24, 2010

If the 2012 Presidential Election was held today, would President Obama win?  Many factors would play into this scenario, of course several factors would play into this. One being who would be his opponent in the election and how much better our country would be at the time.  How much better would our economy be?  What would the unemployment rate be at the time?  There are so many issues to take into account.  How strong of a candidate would he be running against?  What would be the issues and  platforms he/she would be running on.  What about this candidate political background be made up of?

I realize the poll that’s currently on this blog site has Obama ahead right now. Again, I always say the polls are not all that accurate and only representative of a small number of voters.  Much can take place between now and the election in 2012.  There will be candidates who start off but drop out of the race because of their numbers in the primaries held in each state.   The primaries held in New Hampshire and Iowa are extremely important in the Presidential Elections.  They are often make or break candidates.  It should be very interesting over the next two years to see who throws their hat into the ring to run against President Obama.  It was said when the former President Reagan was in his first term,  he was doing very similar to Obama. He had a very low approval rating and many people said he would not be elected to a second term.  It goes to show us how much can change over two years time.

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