Why Obama will win the 2012 Presidential Election

by Des on January 17, 2012

It would have been pretty difficult for President Obama to secure another term, given the sentiments against him in some quarters. Luckily for him, however, a good many Americans have outgrown such petty prejudices. That was even why his qualities were recognised in the first instance.

More importantly, the majority of American people appreciate the fact that Obama inherited what seemed like an insurmountable burden. But without any iota of presumptuousness, he has pursued a foreign policy that has doused the hitherto global upsurge of resentment. What is more, considering the state of the American economy when he took over, the extent to which he has fixed it, it will only be ignorant or downright foolhardy to consider Romney a better option. His tax and health policies may hurt the average Republican, but they indicate the panacea for the impending vicissitudes.

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