Why not Romney?

by Thomas Goldsmith Oppenheimer on February 20, 2012

Like many of the people with whom I speak, I have had my doubts about the viability of Romney’s candidacy.  Democrats generally feel that Romney can’t beat Obama, and Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul inspire even less enthusiasm and confidence.  I know I can never cast a vote for Obama, as I disagree with almost everything he says in terms of the principles of governemnt.

So I have been looking for an explanation as to why I should vote for Romney.

I know Democrats will snicker that I have stated the above.  They see Obama as the gifted speaker, which he is, and they subscribe to his apporaches to governance, which largely consist of stripping individuals of most of their decision-making powers.

So I am almost 90% sure that I will be casting a vote for Romney in November, and each time I consider the concept, I grow more comfortable with the decision.  You see, I have decided that what we need in this country right now is something different than the candidate our system gives to us every four years.

Since Reagan managed to be a successful statesman, surprising the left and some of the right, the process has tried to nominate men or women who bear resemblance to Ronnie in demeanor and presentation.  The candidates have almost all been down-to-earth and ‘approachable’ – at least that is the image that each has cultivated to some extent.  Both Bushes had histories with which the American people could identify in some way.  The Elder parlayed his service to the country as a soldier, vice president, and director into an image of the tall, confident statesman that voters like.  The younger emphasized his battles with faith and with booze to identify himself as an underdog who had come back strong.  Clinton rose from nothing to feel our pain.  Obama was a street level community leader who was down in trenches helping the downtrodden.  (Of course, all of these images were fabricated, but they were created because voters would be influenced to vote for them.)

So I think Romney should cultivate a very different image.  What this country needs at the moment is a brilliant manager and strategist.  We need someone who genuinely understands how best to manage financial affairs.  We need a quick study statesman who may not have a backstory that makes him seem like one of us.  I think we should admit, for the first time in almost a half century, that our President’s most important attributes revolve around the skills, knowledge, and abilities that set him apart from us.

Romney has a history of success in leading, managing, and understanding the issues that are placed before him, especially in the financial arena.  What does this country need more than someone who understands money, finances, world markets, how to grow business, increase jobs, and avoid the errors that stifle progress?

I am no longer looking for a leader who feels my pain.  I want a leader who is crafty and resourceful, and knowledgeable enough to alleviate the pain.  He can start by promoting economic growth.


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