What’s Going On Behind This Sign?

by dfunzy on December 3, 2009


What is going on?

Partners of Goldman Sacks , the big Wall Street firm, are “Buying Guns in Fear of Populist Uprising!” No this isn’t made up. (link)

Bloomberg has reported that “that senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms and are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank.”(link),

You can always tell the crooks in a Western; they’re the ones with the most guns.

Maybe the bankers are just being careful? Maybe they expect that things aren’t going to get better next year, but worse? Bankers do have long memories. During the Black Friday panic of 1869, groups of upset Americans did drag bankers from their offices, and the citizens did hang bankers in the streets (link)

Maybe the bankers are planning something? Wall Street Bankers were behind the plot to overthrow President Franklin Roosevelt in 1934 (link) They accused FDR of attempting to bring socialism to America. Maybe? No. Can’t be. Maybe, the arming up of Wall Street bankers only means that wearing a handgun is the latest thing in fashion for the upscale banker?

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