Two for Tea and Tea 2.0

by Blowhard on May 22, 2012

To my brothers of the pen, I am glad to be among you again. My hiatus was caused by a combination of factors and while I have stopped by to read from time to time I did not comment or blog.

The truth is I’ve been getting more involved in the nuts and bolts of local elections. I’ve gathered signatures for candidates to appear on the ballot, confirmed registered voters affiliation, handed out literature, joined my local “true the vote”, registered to be an election official, served as a delegate in my local precinct for the Republican Party, and just generally meet and plan with other conservatives. This has been very rewarding and enlightening, but alas time consuming as well.

The news is the Tea Party is in what is referred to as “Tea Party 2.0”.

This is in contrast to the previous actions of the Tea Party as essentially a groundswell of Americans gathering to protest Government overspending—stimulus– and excessive involvement in our personal lives and financial choices—as personified by the Affordable Health Care Act, Obamacare. Two years ago “we the people” gathered peacefully in extraordinary numbers in a civil tone to compel our “representatives” to, well, represent us rather than their party. They chose instead to keep it real with their socialist peeps.

Never have so few spent so much for so little.

With our elected officials deaf to our concerns, rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic that is our economy, and lining their pockets through insider trading, fact-finding trips, overcompensation with extraordinary perks, the Tea Party began to form into more sophisticated groups with core members and quasi-leaders. A close examination followed of the electoral system that got America into the position we find ourselves in. By this I am referring to intra-party elections and appointments.

It was obvious that “Primaries” were only keeping the status quo—favoring the incumbents and making it cost prohibitive for would-be opponents. Also, because we do not identify voters by party in Virginia, Democrats could (and would) cross over to vote in the primary—giving us a weaker, more liberal candidate.

The answer was clear. We need to pick our candidates through conventions rather than primaries. To accomplish this we need to control the state party. With our (The Tea Party) victories we’ve accomplished our short-term goal of seizing control of the state party allowing us to move to conventions from primaries and ensuring that we field conservative candidates in future elections. This election cycle will hopefully be the last where we have primaries. When Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli runs for Governor next year it will be a room of true conservatives deciding on whether he is the Republican candidate.

The Ron Paul people have elected many representatives within the Republican Party and they tried in Virginia as well but due to their earlier victories we were ready to fend them off. The Ron Paul people only ran in a few select categories because they had to pay an additional fee to vote for all categories. But between the Ron Paul people and the Tea Party, the Republican Party is being pulled toward a more fiscally responsible right leaning stance. The RINO’s are being weeded out.

Things are looking up.

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Blowhard May 28, 2012 at 5:58 pm

Dear Erik,

It is nice to hear from you again.

The Ron Paul people chose to hide their true beliefs, instead calling themselves the pro-life contingent or the limited government contingent. If asked they would admit to being Ron Paul supporters, but they would never volunteer that little bit of information. Kind of like socialists in the Democrat party. I went on facebook to ask one of the Ron Paul people– their ringleader in fact– to ask her point blank if she was a Ron Paul supporter. After posting my question to her she had called me about it. She had my number as a delegate but I did not have her’s as a candidate. Her response time was very impressive, especially considering that I use facebook through my company’s page and my name does not appear anywhere on my facebook page. That is a good example of how badly the Ron Paul people want to remain hidden until after they voted.

I don’t consider Romney a socialist, but he was my least favorite of the real Republican candidates. Ron Paul is a libertarian posing as a Republican to make use of the infrastructure of a real political party. His beliefs about legalized drugs and prostitution would cause the destruction of America’s social fabric. His foreign policy ideas are in line with pre-WW2 thinking– and boy that sure turned out well.

The Ron Paul’s were not charged anymore than anyone else. The convention allowed two levels of participation. A $15 fee to vote for the delegates and reserve delegates and a $50 fee to vote for all positions. Because the Ron Paul people are good at mobilizing large numbers of young people with free time but little money, they chose to try and sweep the delegates and alternates and to not spend the extra $35 to sweep all the positions. On the day of the vote about 200 supporters of the Ron Paul slate– aka the pro-life slate or constitutional slate– showed up and supported their candidates. They were loud but ultimately ineffective.

I am not suffering from a mid-life crisis. You shouldn’t make personal attacks against differing views. Leave that to the Left. I don’t see Ron Paul as a fresh breath of politics. I see him as an incredibly naive fool with no understanding of this country aside from his tiny slice of belief system. His answer to a question about legalizing heroine was remarkable. He thought “why not legalize it?”. After all if it was made legal tomorrow he wouldn’t use it, and neither would most people, so what’s the big deal? Explaining reality to Ron Paul supporters is difficult because their view from their middle and upper middle class white twenty something American lives doesn’t conceive of the enormity of damage that will occur if Ron Paul policies were ever reality.

Why is it that Tea Party people are “pseudo- Republicans” but Ron Paul people running in Republican elections while hiding their true beliefs are not? The Tea Party believes in smaller government, ending deficit spending, ending feel good social program spending, holding elected and appointed officials accountable for their actions, and basic economic sanity. Their is no official stance on foreign policy, drug policy, or social policy.

Now if you want to vote for Ron Paul or the Libertarian nominee, by all means do. And enjoy four more years of President Obama destroying your present and spending away your future. Maybe next time Ron Paul can run as a Democrat. After all, his opinion of legalizing/decriminalizing drugs and sex work are in line with the Democrat party. And then his supporters can try to effect the Democrat plank toward fiscal sanity instead of trying to change the Republican platform to legalize prostitution and drugs.

As always, thank you for reading and sharing your opinion.


Erik the Red May 28, 2012 at 7:45 pm


I am wary of the person with whom you made contact legitimately being in Paul’s camp. Nearly every person with whom I’ve come into contact who claims to be a Ron Paul supporter does so from the proverbial rooftops. For people to be incognito as someone else sounds suspicious, at best. Perhaps you can give us the scoop on this group so that I can approach them myself. No Ron Paul people I’ve ever spoken to want to remain hidden. And why would the fact that they would call themselves the “pro life” or “limited govt” contingent be a reason to not claim to be a Paul supporter?

If you don’t consider Romney a “socialist”, then bite off and chew some of his “RomneyCare” or his agreement with Al Gore regarding man-made global warming . And the list continues. I don’t necessarily agree with Paul’s legalized drug platform, but if you’ve ever checked out his explanation in full, he says much more than “Why not legalize it?” Most of his stance, which I DO happen to agree with, is that our “War on Drugs” has been a tremendous failure, to the tune of trillions of dollars with nothing getting better. In a nutshell, you have obviously only listened to Ron Paul, for the most part, through a 3rd Party (in the literary sense).

Ron Paul’s international policies do not reflect pre-WWII thinking. His opinion is for us to just stay out of conflicts that have nothing to do with us. He is fully in favor of a strong national defense. Contrary to most Conservatives’ thinking, he believes that Israel (for example) is 100% capable of defending themselves, and Benjamin Netanyahu happens to agree. If Iran were to pose a direct threat to the USA, Ron Paul woudn’t pull a Neville Chamberlain and strum Kum-Ba-Yah on his Texas banjo. Also, he has never made any bones about being a Libertarian. He is a Republican because there isn’t a Libertarian branch of government. Libertarianism, as you know, is more of a philosophy than a physical entity. Similar to how someone can be a member of Ralph Nader’s Green Party. They would still be a Democrat.

You may disagree with Ron Paul, which you clearly do, and that’s perfectly fine. But he is far from a “naive fool”. He has been in politics for decades and understands full well how everything works, or is supposed to. It is just that so many people have gotten used to things being done in the wrong (non or un-Constitutional) manner, that they don’t know it any other way. When he steps in and starts speaking a certain way, it sounds like a foreign language to most, so they resort in trying to minimize his credentials. Yet few, if any, have a better solution.

Though I was a ‘Believer” in the Tea Party movement upon their inception in 2009 and was totally psyched about the nationwide town hall meetings and the Democratic representatives’ high-tailing it in fear for the hills, the Tea Party’s true colors came out in 2010 when, in Massachussetts, Scott Brown was elected. Even though his record was clearly liberal and pro big govt, people who had been clamoring for 8 months and had a 3rd Party option in Joe Kennedy (not of the infamous Kennedy Family), all abandoned the proverbial ship of ideals and voted down party lines. Ever since that day, more and more evidence has surfaced that the majority of the Tea Party (not all) are simply a glorified version of the “Lesser of Two Evils” sentiment.

Yes, if Ron Paul runs as a 3rd Party candidate (which I pray he does) and grabs a similar percentage of the vote as did Ross Perot in 1992, then Romnney is toast and we all would have to endure 4 more years of Constitutional and Sovereign Citizen brutality. But I hate to break it to you (actually 2 things), (1) as much as you have voiced your passionate disdain and disagreement of this statement in the past, Romney would be VERY similar. If you think Obama is a spendaholic, you aint seen nothing yet; (2) Ron Paul would give me and millions of others a chance to vote our consciences (I’ve said all of this before) and would lay down the foundation for a swelling and galvanizing Constitutional movement in the future.

Lastly, my mid life crisis comment was uncalled for, and I apologize.


Blowhard May 28, 2012 at 10:01 pm

First of all, apology accepted and appreciated.

The woman I referred to is named Heather Holman.

She is an instructor at The Leadership Institute.

Scott Brown ran as the 41st vote against Obamacare. He is a New England “Republican” and nobody expected him to be a Goldwater or Reagan Republican. But he was on the right side of the Health Care debate and that along with an incompetent opponent won him the election. We shall see if he is able to retain his position soon. But I would not call him now or then a Tea Party Candidate. Would Kennedy have won if Brown had not run? I can’t say. But to base your entire opinion of a political movement with no party structure on a single special election in the most liberal state for the seat belonging to the formerly most liberal Senator seems rather unjustified. And if every one voted down party lines, the Democrat would have won easily.

The point of this piece is that the Tea Party is now working under the radar trying to move the Republican Party toward fiscal restraint. The Ron Paul supporters were trying to influence the Republican Party as well, but more on social issues. The Tea Party candidates and supporters are open about their feelings while the Ron Paul candidates and supporters purposely hid their feelings and attempted to use the system to leverage their influence and impose their minority view on the majority. The Ron Paul supporters have been very successful at winning delegates in several state conventions through similar methods as failed in Virginia.

As for the war on drugs being a failure. True to some extent. The same can be said of the war on murder or the war on rape or the war on theft, etc… We have made all these things illegal with the threat of imprisonment for having commited any of these acts and yet they continue. Would legalizing/decriminalizing these acts be a good idea? And before you use the old “but it’s a victim-less crime” understand that I have had knives and a gun held to my body so someone could enjoy his “victim-less” vice. If Ron or Rand Paul think the TSA is abusive they should take a walk down any of a thousand drug infested areas at night to understand how “victim-less crimes” have real victims.

Now you seem to believe that Romney will spend more than Obama. I think you’re wrong on this one. Romney is not a small government guy, but compared to Obama and facing the enormity of the deficit and the debt, he will spend less. Furthermore the whole point of the Tea Party is to get fiscal conservatives nominated and elected at all positions. Remember that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are heavily responsible for the debt accrual.

As for the Libertarian movement being more of a philosophy than a physical entity, well actually their is an actual party with a real candidate for President in every election. The members of Ralph Nader’s Green Party did actually vote for Nader– costing the Democrats the election in their mind.

Ron Paul has promised he will not run independently of the Republican Party. He does not want to burn bridges his son may need to cross in the future. And he and Romney seemed downright chummy on the campaign trail. So much so that many conservatives believe(d) there was some Gentleman’s agreement between the two camps. It often seemed that Paul was attacking Romney’s main opponent- whomever it was that week– but never Romney. And Romney never attacked Paul. Like you said “He has been in politics for decades and understands full well how everything works”. Why do you think your honorable candidate would never attack a big spending front running adversary and instead attack every other more conservative candidate instead?


Erik the Red May 28, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Why were you ready to “fend off” the Ron Paul people? Are you saying that you and your “Tea Party 2.0″ers prefer the socialist Romney as a lesser of the 2 socialist evils? And why were they required to pay an additional fee??? Could it be that the VA Tea Partiers (aka pseudo Republicans) would do anything it takes to keep Ron Paul off the ballot? Even if it means parroting the mainstream media’s, premature, inaccurate hype that Paul has “suspended” his campaign?

Adrian, I am honestly and truly guessing that you are a nice person. A responsible taxpayer who loves his country. But you have proven time and time again that you are hopelessly blinded by your coke-bottle politics as usual goggles. Why don’t you use your apparent mid life crisis and take a vacation outside of the box of unfortunate conventional wisdom. Even though those standing on the outside are wearing insulated suits and oxygen masks in order to try to scare you into remaining inside (and it’s apparently working), the truth of the matter is that it is just a tactic and the air is actually fresh and chock full of brand new, yet age-old ideas from which everyone can benefit. I guarantee that if you climb to the top of the box, lift the lid, and take in a huge whiff, not only will the fresh, poisonless oxygen fill your political lungs, it will cause you to see those who have been stifling your view with disdain and motivate you to make up for lost and wasted time.


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