Two for Tea and Tea 2.0

by Blowhard on May 22, 2012

To my brothers of the pen, I am glad to be among you again. My hiatus was caused by a combination of factors and while I have stopped by to read from time to time I did not comment or blog.

The truth is I’ve been getting more involved in the nuts and bolts of local elections. I’ve gathered signatures for candidates to appear on the ballot, confirmed registered voters affiliation, handed out literature, joined my local “true the vote”, registered to be an election official, served as a delegate in my local precinct for the Republican Party, and just generally meet and plan with other conservatives. This has been very rewarding and enlightening, but alas time consuming as well.

The news is the Tea Party is in what is referred to as “Tea Party 2.0”.

This is in contrast to the previous actions of the Tea Party as essentially a groundswell of Americans gathering to protest Government overspending—stimulus– and excessive involvement in our personal lives and financial choices—as personified by the Affordable Health Care Act, Obamacare. Two years ago “we the people” gathered peacefully in extraordinary numbers in a civil tone to compel our “representatives” to, well, represent us rather than their party. They chose instead to keep it real with their socialist peeps.

Never have so few spent so much for so little.

With our elected officials deaf to our concerns, rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic that is our economy, and lining their pockets through insider trading, fact-finding trips, overcompensation with extraordinary perks, the Tea Party began to form into more sophisticated groups with core members and quasi-leaders. A close examination followed of the electoral system that got America into the position we find ourselves in. By this I am referring to intra-party elections and appointments.

It was obvious that “Primaries” were only keeping the status quo—favoring the incumbents and making it cost prohibitive for would-be opponents. Also, because we do not identify voters by party in Virginia, Democrats could (and would) cross over to vote in the primary—giving us a weaker, more liberal candidate.

The answer was clear. We need to pick our candidates through conventions rather than primaries. To accomplish this we need to control the state party. With our (The Tea Party) victories we’ve accomplished our short-term goal of seizing control of the state party allowing us to move to conventions from primaries and ensuring that we field conservative candidates in future elections. This election cycle will hopefully be the last where we have primaries. When Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli runs for Governor next year it will be a room of true conservatives deciding on whether he is the Republican candidate.

The Ron Paul people have elected many representatives within the Republican Party and they tried in Virginia as well but due to their earlier victories we were ready to fend them off. The Ron Paul people only ran in a few select categories because they had to pay an additional fee to vote for all categories. But between the Ron Paul people and the Tea Party, the Republican Party is being pulled toward a more fiscally responsible right leaning stance. The RINO’s are being weeded out.

Things are looking up.

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