The Pimp Presidency

by Blowhard on December 31, 2012

At the Beginning of the movie “Goodfellas” the main character played by Ray Liotta is narrating his childhood involvement with the mafia. He points out the mafia was simply a place where criminals could go to settle their differences, the way non-criminals would use the police or courts to settle differences. And that the police never understood what the mafia really was. The mafia no more organizes crime than capitalists organize the free market. This fundamental misunderstanding along with a code of silence, dishonest (bribed) officials, and fearful witnesses allowed the mafia to remain a powerful influence for decades despite targeting by police enforcement at all levels of government.

For four years Barack Obama has been labeled a “Redistributionist” and/or “Socialist” by Americans that generally disagree with this philosophy. I would submit they are wrong.

Barack Obama is a “Reperationist” not a “Redistributionist”.

His desire is to take from white people and give it to black people primarily and other races in large enough amounts to buy or keep their support. From day one he has been purposely bringing down the standard of living for whites rather than bringing up the same for blacks. 50% increases in food assistance, disability payments, and generally pushing formerly productive workers into government support in some form has not been an inadvertent result but rather a planned attack on the US of KKK.

To understand Barack Obama one must understand what black American culture is all about– the scam. The philosophical differences between black America and white America are staggering. The “Puritan” work ethic is not a part of black culture. Blacks brought to this country as slaves had no incentive to work hard because they were forbidden from advancing or prospering. As a result the ability to do less was looked upon as success rather than doing more.  Trying hard, or appearing to try hard, is a no-no in the black community. Watch some music videos and pay attention to the lack of effort in the facial expressions during difficult dance moves. This is a culture that applauds being “cool”, or “chillin’”.  On top of economic repression was the social repression. The real possibility of being beaten or killed for just looking at a white woman– much less consorting with one– made white women the forbidden fruit.

These two basics of black culture created the “pimp generation” beginning in the mid 1960’s. The word “pimp” comes from the men who used women in the sex trade to make money. They controlled women through the threat of force, drugs, a sense of belonging and other psychological means and controlling their clients to some extent through controlling the women.  Pimps keep the lion’s share of money “earned” by their prostitutes.  They also show their wealth as publicly as possible with expensive clothes, jewelry, and cars.  The pimp was the peacock preening for the world and showing the power/money gained by exploiting his prostitutes.  The skills learned through pimping were useful as drugs– particularly crack and heroine– became available. The same methods used to control prostitutes worked well on drug addicts– both male and female—and pimping brought great profits. The increase in the drug culture also increased the “pimp culture”. As all bad habits seem to, these cultures worked their way into the schools and the prisons. And MTV has done more to popularize the “pimp” concept than any other media. In short the young adults in this country have been sold on the idea that pimping is not only legitimate but something to aspire to.

The creation of the “Great Society” during the Johnson Presidency created a host of well-meaning social programs.  These were programs designed by whites to help blacks.  Rather than using these programs as a “hand up” they were treated as “free money”.  Every well intentioned program was perverted by the recipients to allow them to do less, rather than achieve more.  Welfare for single mothers caused the father/man living with the mother to live elsewhere one week a month to ensure the checks kept coming.  The concept that it was wrong to take the money never occurred to either person—just how to keep it coming.  The food stamps were sold for cash for 70 cents on the dollar to a guy who would turn around and sell them to store owners for 85 cents on the dollar.  The store owner would then turn them into the government and get full face value.  Today a competent public recipient gets free or heavily subsidized housing, transportation, education or job training, professional services, cell phone, food, holiday gifts, holiday meals, etc…

The scam is now the basis for existence for a huge portion of the population.  The idea of pulling oneself up from the bootstraps is no longer admired.  Getting something for nothing is “good”.  Spending OTP is the fruits of victory.  Obama is a product of the pimping that has transpired to allow underperforming privileged “black” children to receive higher education from universities they didn’t “earn” their way into.  Obama has pimped the media to not hold him accountable by claiming racism is the root cause of all opposition.  He beat Hillary by reminding the black base of his melamine level and that Hillary is white—as in white devil.  He pimped Bill Clinton into supporting him because Obama unquestionably controls the black vote and since the Democrat Party success is hinged on black support, the tail is wagging the dog.  Hillary has no future without Obamas full support, nor does any other Democrat.

So how is our “pimp Presidency” manifesting itself?

His first new tax was on tanning salons. How much more targeted a tax can you think of? It is a tax specifically on white people and white business owners. Imagine if George Bush had proposed a tax on hair straightening products because the chemicals could have health consequences.

He demonizes businessmen who create wealth and jobs while praising and supporting athletes and performers who make obscene incomes while creating no new jobs and furthering pimp culture at the expense of the American taxpayer. Lavish state dinners and entertainment for the Obama family are the norm.  After being criticized for serving $400 bottles of wine to George Clooney and other rich friends/guests at White House functions, the problem was corrected by no longer announcing the wines served with dinner at the White House.  The idea that less expensive wine should be used or that wealthy associates of the Obamas should not be fed extravagant meals at the expense of a shrinking taxpayer base wasn’t even considered.

He’s hiring 19,000 IRS agents to “enforce” healthcare compliance.  The additional funding is needed to subsidize the millions of Obama supporters with no verifiable income—like drug dealers, prostitutes, illicit gamblers and… Pimps.

He’s using Obamacare to control health care providers and their employees, and force all of us to be complicit either as a patient or through “fines” for not participating willingly. And he using women to keep it intact through the promise of “free” birth control (with abortion soon to follow) for single women, and keeping children on the family plan until age 26 for married women. And of course women cannot be charged more than men for health insurance. But women paying less for life insurance and car insurance is still perfectly legitimate. He will pay the doctors less, the hospitals less, the pharmaceutical companies less, and tax the medical device manufacturers and distributors more. All this so the “poor” will be covered, and women will get “free” goods and services.  Once again effort is punished and the reward goes others.

Don’t even get me started about Obamaphones… To get an Obamaphone you must be on some form of government assistance.  When the minutes run out, which will happen because the owner spends little if any time at work and the operator does not have to pay or budget for the minutes or texts, the recipient simply gets another free phone.  That way when the minutes run out on their first free phone they can continue their conversation on their second free phone, or third.  You pay a fee on your cell phone to subsidize the “free” phones given to the recipients of the “free” housing you subsidize and “free” food you subsidize and all the other “free” stuff we taxpayers pay for.

Obama has convinced single white women that he is their protector. He will protect their “rights” and force men to pay for them. Even though the quality of life for women has dropped even more precipitously than men during Obama’s Presidency, single women feel that Obama is looking out for them. The way a prostitute defends her relationship with a pimp as being mutually beneficial and he being her protector and provider rather than the parasitic relationship it truly is.

The cost of the Obama family travel last year was 1.4 billion dollars.  To give some perspective, the cost for the entire British royal family last year was 58 million.  Pelosi ran up a $100,000 bar tab on the plane we taxpayers bought and paid for and she never batted a stretched back eye.  Joe Biden actually charges the secret service rent to stay in his guest house to protect him and his family. Of course we the working American citizen pay for our elected pimps lavish lifestyles and habits.  We pay for their rich and famous friends to live even better at our expense.  Jay-Z, the former drug dealer, dines in style in the White House and gets prime seating at the inauguration, and we pay for it.

And then there is the debt. Obama has spent your labor away and your child’s to enjoy the lifestyle he and his friends never earned.  All American workers have been saddled with astronomical debt. But worse and more permanent is that we’ve been saddled with a society of pimps.

Obama first pimped the media, then the Democrat Party, then the electorate as a whole. 

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