Ten Things I Wish the Republican Ticket Would Say…

by Thomas Goldsmith Oppenheimer on August 20, 2012

1.  Tax cuts have been effective historically at spurring growth of GDP.  Both Reagan and Clinton cut taxes in critical ways.  The economy boomed.

2.  Medicare and Social Security need to be addressed now.  Failure to do so will cause irreparable harm to the economy, and will render the government incapable of providing safety nets for seniors and the disadvatntaged fairly soon.

3.  We will not be able to repeal Obamacare.  Doing so will be fiscally irresponsible.  Instead, we will need to revamp the program without gutting it.

4.  We will not be able to control healthcare costs unless we address frivolous lawsuits and malpractice insurance and fraud.

5.  Our energy issues are not going to addressed in the short term by tilting at windmills and basking in the sun.  Responsible drilling is essential, as is the renewal of development on refineries, pipelines, and nuclear plants.

6.  Risk is part of every good plan.  What the government proposes, from either side of the aisle, comes with a modicum of risk.  We can’t categorically scrap plans because of what might happen.  We must minimize risk wherever possible, and develop contingency plans to respond to negative developments.

7.  Pro-choice and Pro-life are not campaign issues.  The Supreme Court currently has a law on the books.  What one candidate believes on the issue will never be the deciding factor in changing that law.  Stop pretending that people should decide how to vote by considering a canddate’s stance on issues like this.

8.  No president yet has been inclined or able to determine the course of the country by adhering to the tenets of his religion.  Once the President is elected, he is responsible to the people.

9.  By the time we get to a national ticket, all of the parties are products of the political establishment.  No one can truly claim to be outside the establishment after using the very system to get where he or she is.

10.  Four years ago you voted for Hope and Change.  We invite you to look at where we are four years later, and vote for hope and change again.


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