Sarah Palin- What’s Next?

by Matt Brady on January 26, 2010

Love her or hate her Sarah Palin is always in the forefront of the news and gossip. From a humble Governor of Alaska, Palin was propelled to national fame upon being selected as Senator McCain’s running mate in the 2008 Presidential election. Almost as soon as she was introduced the liberal media machines were working overtime to dig up dirt. From that moment on she has been both the target of the collective liberal media and the new hope for many Conservatives.


 The Palin drama was a great example of the double standard when it comes to females in politics and more specifically Conservative women. Instead of attacking Palin on the issues, media and blogs would attack her personal life and even go after her family. Typically this would be where I would quote a source, but this kind of hate is not even worth acknowledging beyond its existence.  During all of this, so-called women’s rights groups were silent and many openly supported Obama and opposed Palin. I thought women’s rights groups were about supporting women’s rights not politicians. Out of all the criticisms, colorful euphemisms and insults thrown at the former Governor two seemed to stick:  Her lack of intelligence and experience.


While most of the media focused on tearing Palin apart the Conservatives saw a fresh face.  From her first speech many instantly identified her as a fiscal Conservative, an independent thinker and someone who was not simply another Republican. She spoke with conviction, with humility and most of all she was real. She had faults, but as the Right saw, it was further proof that she wasn’t another polished politician with a pretty face and nothing to back it up. She energized the party and for the first time in a while the Republican base had become excited again.


But all of the excitement was short lived. The loss of the Presidential campaign, the constant barrage of criticism and rumors of rifts inside the McCain campaign between managers and Palin left a lot of people with mixed feelings. Palin returned to Alaska to fulfill her obligations as Governor but soon stepped down after racking up tremendous debt defending herself from various lawsuits and ethical complaints, none of which were confirmed by the court. A short time later Sarah Palin became more involved in grassroots politics by speaking and taking public stances on political issues. Fox then added her as a political commentator.


So now the big question, what is the future for Sarah Palin? Although Palin has not officially acknowledged anything many believe she will attempt a Presidential run in 2012 or at least that is what they would like to see. This could be true but is it a smart move for Palin? Certainly a large portion of the Conservative party supports her, but for the left and many independents the stigma of inexperience and lack of intelligence remains. In order for Palin to be a contender she must reshape her image and prove that she is the best candidate for the job.


It is not an easy task especially considering she does not have much experience to speak of. Sure past Presidents have rose to victory from the Governor’s office, but there are issues with this. Palin was the former Governor of Alaska, one of the least populated states in the country. It is heavily Conservative with a stable financial history. She may have learned a thing or two about leadership but does this really qualify her for President? During the campaign many argued that Palin and now President Barack Obama had the same level of experience, but President Obama’s inexperience is very evident in his leadership. It is important that we do not simply put someone in office because we like them. I personally believe Palin could have a future in the White House but in order to overcome the ingrained criticism and really bring change a full resume would be a welcome addition.


Intelligence is another obstacle for Palin. During her Vice Presidential run some interview fumbles helped to confirm the Liberal press’ criticisms. But since she joined Fox it is apparent that she has not only taken time to become more educated on the issues but confident in her approach. On the many friendly interviews on Fox news she handled herself very confidently yet did not lose herself. Palin is well positioned to prove to the country that she is not just a former governor and soccer mom. She needs to show independents she has smarts and can bring new ideas to the table.


When it comes to politics reality is not as important as perception. In reality she may be perfectly qualified for the position but many Americans are still doubtful, including me. I admire her passion but more experience would be nothing but beneficial. The tide of politics is changing. Smooth talkers with big promises have filled the halls of Congress and the Executive branch, but big promises don’t deliver results. People want solutions, they want someone who can deliver results, and if Palin can show a positive track record a successful Presidential campaign would be well within her reach.


The easiest way to prove she is capable of running the greatest country on Earth is a Senate run. With her record and support it would not be difficult to win the seat, and the position would keep Palin on the national stage while giving her the chance to prove she can deal with the big issues. But whatever the path it is clear that Palin will be a voice and figurehead of Conservatives everywhere. Despite the criticism and hypocrisy she faces, she will push on and fight for right.


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