President Obama “Do not release the Blind Sheik”

by Election Supervisor on September 19, 2012

Glenn Beck brought up something that may or may not be true but the topic is so alarming it must be addressed. There is an assumption that regardless of  winning or losing the presidential election, President Barack Obama will release the Blind Sheik whose real name is Omar Abdel-Rahman.  He is currently serving a life sentence at the Butner Federal Correctional Institution in Butner, North Carolina.

He was convicted of  issuing a fatwa encouraging acts of violence against US civilian targets. The Sheik and his followers planned to set off five bombs in 10 minutes, blowing up the United Nations, the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the George Washington Bridge and a federal building housing the FBI.  In October 1995,  the Sheik was convicted of seditious conspiracy, and in 1996 was sentenced to life in prison

After hearing Beck’s story on the Sheik and Obama and I started to do some reading on the Sheik because I honestly knew very little about the man other than he was convicted of conspiracy to commit terrorism and he was somehow involved or associated with the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.  What I learned in my research on the Sheik is that he is a dangerous man who has been associated with and/or involved with terrorism his entire adult life and he needs to remain in his United States prison cell.

The Sheik  was born in Egypt and he was closely associated with the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya and he later became the leader of  Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya which led to his imprisonment in Egypt in 1981.  His imprisonment was the result of him issuing a  fatwa  in 1981 for the  assassination of Anwar Sadat.  It appears Egypt could not convict him on the assassination plot so they expelled the Sheik who went to Afghanistan where he shockingly hooked up with Osama Bin Laden to fight the Soviets during the 1980’s.  Too bad Egypt did not convict this guy when they had the chance because it would have prevented the Sheik from eventually coming to the United States.

In 1990 the Sheik traveled to New York and it was later learned that the reason for his relocation was to  take over the MAK/Al Qaeda.  My question is why was the Sheik allowed into the United States and issued a tourist visa?  It is confirmed the Sheik was on a terror watch list in 1990 but he was still allowed to enter our country and granted a visa! Was there a break down in our intelligence capabilities that allowed the Sheik to enter the country?

The State Department later revoked his visa but the United States Government granted him permanent residence status in 1991?  The more I read about this the stranger it appeared.  The Sheik is on a terror watch list due to his activities in Egypt and  Afghanistan but he is given permanent resident status after his tourist visa is revoked.  Something smells fishy here.  Later, the Sheik did have his resident status revoked by our government bu then the Sheik  requested political asylum.  Why was the Sheik so determined to stay in the United States?  It appears to me that the Sheik and Bin Laden had plans for terror in the United States and the Sheik was to stay here and mastermind the terror effort.

The Sheik traveled freely around our country visiting mosques where he gave anti United States sermons where he  issued a fatwa against the USA in which he declared lawful the robbing of banks and killing of Jews. His condemned Americans as the “descendants of apes and pigs who have been feeding from the dining tables of the Zionists, Communists, and colonialists”.  He called on Muslims to assail the West, “cut the transportation of their countries, tear it apart, destroy their economy, burn their companies, eliminate their interests, sink their ships, shoot down their planes, kill them on the sea, air, or land”

The message above that the Sheik was preaching depicts a man who hates the United States and wants only to facilitate violence against our people. The Sheik quickly compiled a large group of followers and a few of them would be involved in the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.  Evidence that the Sheik was a powerful leader in the terror world was revealed when it was learned that he was recording sermons in  the USA and sending the recording to Egypt where they were mass-produced on cassette tape and given out to thousands of followers.  Egypt would then see a bloody wave of terror at the hands of  Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya which was led by none other than the Sheik.  One must be pretty influential and powerful if he is able to incite others to kill and do terror simply be putting sermon on a cassette tape.  Egypt thought it had saved itself a lot of trouble by expelling the Sheik but he was able to incite violence against Egypt from the safety of the USA.

Another interesting link was that , El Sayyid Nosair was a follower of the Sheik in the USA who was later charged with murdering  Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League.  Nosair’s family would obtain money from Osama Bin Laden to pay for his legal defense.  From my readings it is clear and concise that the Sheik was just underneath Osama Bin Laden in the global terror network.  The Sept 11th attack on the World Trade Center was a follow-up to the previous attack on the World Trade center in which the Sheik’s followers failed to get the job done.

It is a fact that Egypt’s new ruling party, the Muslim Brotherhood considers Abdel-Rahman to be a U.S. political prisoner, and has asked the Obama administration to release him.  I do not want President Obama to even give a moment’s consideration to releasing or exchanging the Sheik in the name of humanitarian.  Keeping the Sheik in a United States prison will ensure our safety and the safety of our allies.

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