Obama’s Sort of Biblical Year

by dfunzy on December 2, 2009

obama-official-photo How well is he doing?


The President?

Mr. Obama? Oh? Is it that time already? Report card time? It’s only been a few months.

It’s been a year.

January 20, 2010, 12:01 PM Eastern Time will be a year.

Stop. Answer the question.

Well, it’s been sort of Biblical.


Yes. It’s sort of hasn’t been Daniel in the Lions’ Den. Mr. Obama is not facing lions but wolves and hyneas. The wolves are from the insurance industry, and from the oil, gas and coal industries. The hyneas are the far rightwingers and the GOP.

Hyneas? Isn’t that kind of strong?

They’re hyneas. Little varmits, shadowing the wolf packs. There are no lions around. They hope to nibble and live on wolf kill.

According to the polls most of the people are supporting the Mr. Obama’s reforms that the insurance industry and the oil, gas and coal industries are opposing.

That’s true, but it hasn’t been an easy ten or so months.

The job has never been easy.

This President has faced vicious attacks, motivated by haters.

Haters? Aren’t you stretching it?

No, I am not. Opposition is expected. Calling for ones opponent’s political demise is normal in the course of political debate. Calling for someone’s physical death, advocating or winking at murder is not.

But who has done that?

Have you listened to the debate? Do you surf the Internet? Have you seen some of the signs, heard some of the chants of right-wingers who called themselves Tea Partiers? Do you follow right-wing hate talk radio and Fox liars news?

Oh. I see.

Back to the sort of Biblical metaphor —

Now you are going to say, Obama was Cast into the Fiery Furnace. Like the three Hebrews, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, he refused to obey King Nebuchadnezzar’s order to fall down and to worship the golden image the king had set up?

Do I hear sarcasm?

I’m just making a point.

There are kings “nebuchadnezzars.”

And they’re the kings of the energy and of the insurance industries?


Jonah and the whale, the tale of Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale, a Biblical whale story — Obama is being swallowed up by the Bush’s debt, the Bush’s war, the Bush economy, and inside the whale, the debt, the war, the economy have become his.

The Biblical story is that Jonah got out of that whale. Mr. Obama is trying to work his way out.

Okay, it has been ten months, where is the change?

In America change is a slow go, and a handful of people who know how to work the system can slow down any change. Mr. Obama has restored America’s standing in the world.

With foreigners?

We don’t live on this planet alone.

Okay. So what has Mr. Obama done for us who are not foreigners? On the economy, what has he done?

He has been working on the economy. The economy shows signs of improvement for next year. It looks like the $787 billion economic stimulus he signed in February, along with the bank bailout schemes, prevented an economic depression.

What else has he done?

If he gets health care reform enacted, before January 20th, and it looks like he will, he will have done more in one year to improve the lives of ordinary Americans than any President has done in one year, since FDR.

So, you are a tooter of Obama’s horn?

I am not Ishmael, but Afghanistan could turn that Daniel in the whale story into a Moby Dick tale, and Mr. Obama could become another Ahab seeking one specific whale, and losing himself to the ocean.

So now you are criticizing him?

The man’s not perfect. No one is. He’s in office and he is doing a better job than most who served before him.

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