Obama Must Be Laughing

by Erik the Red on March 3, 2012

When I envsion President Obama watching the GOP debates, I think back to the late 80s at a few fights the boxer Mike Tyson had in a row, when he easily destroyed his opponent within a couple of minutes of the opening bell. I particularly re- member a match against Michael Spinks that followed months of Pay-per-View hyperbole. Tyson had also just married actress Robin Givens, so we had two dramatic plots developing at the same time. This fight, of course, was being branded as one of the best sports events EVER. Well, anyone who is old enough to recall what happened can probably look back and remember that you may have not yet sat down with your Domino’s pizza and soda pop before hearing something along the lines of…”the referee has stopped the fight!” It’s a good thing that they hadn’t started boxing during the National Anthem, because there would have been no proof in that night that Michael Spinks was still there by the time the song had ended. Not conscious, anyway.

Fast forward to the present day. Though I am not talking about sports, but politics, the joke is almost on the same level. The media have been working overtime to make the GOP race into a big deal. People are essentially running to the store for party goodies in anticipation of a really special event.  Hordes of folks are calling their local cable or satellite providers and piling up hun- dreds and thousands of dollars of Pay-per-View like charges on their plastic. Some may even go so far as to use this opportunity as an excuse to purchase that long-sought-after LaZboy recliner. However, what they seem to not realize, or admit, is that the challenger is over-matched and will likely be knocked off his feet and hurled onto his forehead and the bridge of his nose before having  a chance to say “phony birth certificate”.

Am I suggesting that registered Republicans, or anyone else who wants Nobama, stay at home and not vote?


But I am saying that unless the GOP strategists can pull something out of the proverbial magicians hat, and right soon, it may very well be a short fight.

Anyone who has heard of ‘Romneycare’ and other shenanigans knows that Mitt, even if he, for the sake of argument, were to miraculously win the presidency, would just be more of Obama, but with a couple of “conservative tweaks” to please the audience. Anyone who has heard of NAFTA, the UN,     or a variety of other organizations that have proven to not only not care about our individual sovereignty, but are actually instrumental in destroying it, knows that Newt is a globalist and does not have our best interests in mind. Rick Santorum, though he has a decent amount of political experience and despite the criticisms he has received due to his acute case of diarrhea of the mouth, doesn’t come across as having the wherewithal to be president. A.k.a. a lightweight. A.k.a. a first round destruction by the champion.

That leaves Ron Paul.

Do I honestly believe that this man has a chance to win the presidency?


But that isn’t the point. What we have here is a candidate who, over two months into 2012, is still standing and faring well basically everywhere he decides to make noise. Oh, the media will ignore him as if he is an ill-behaved, screaming kid in a grocery store. They will write articles or reports about the other three and not bring up his name even once. They will pretend that Ron Paul is not viable. But the fact of the matter is that we – those who have grown sickeningly disgusted with politics as usual and with the two-party system – have an option. We have a candidate in Ron Paul who is galvanizing us Americans who still believe that the Constitution means something and is relevant today.

I view Ron Paul more as a martyr for the cause of Constitutionalism. Even when he surely goes down to the mat in the boxing ring, he won’t be carried away to the locker room in the same manner as the others, like a hapless, discarded athlete nearing the end of his career. No, instead, many people will storm that ring and take his place, one by one. As they hurl punches at the sitting president (figuratively speaking) because of his assault on the Constitution and our personal freedoms, the onlookers from around the nation will be emboldened and recognize that their cause is not empty.

Oh sure, President Obama might be laughing now. He also might be laughing after the election. But if enough people with backbone will stand up and cry out, those who support the Constitution and its original intention will be laughing last.

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