Last GOP candidate standing…

by brunettebabe2012 on May 15, 2012

Well, it’s official-Mitt Romney is the last GOP candidate standing. Ron Paul, like the others before him-announced he’s suspending his campaign for President. Translation: when a candidate “suspends” their campaign it means they are dropping out of the race altogether. No backsies or do-overs, unless they throw their hat into the ring for the 2016 race. Well, that’s another thing and four years from now.

Now the question is, what happens to the delegates from each candidate has accummulated? Are they going to back Romney out of allegiance to the GOP party? I wonder where is Ralph Nader, the perennial Green Party Presidential candidate is this election. I notice how they are listed on the ballot on the day of the election and I or any other voter has probably heard of them. I don’t recall seeing any of them campaigning in the recent months. Where are any third party candidates? Back in 1980, there was John Anderson who ran for President as an Independent candidate. Didn’t Ross Perot, the millionaire from Texas run in ’92 as an Independent? It’s funny, I actually know of people who voted for him and admitted to it. He was eccentric and quirky as hell, he started off as a Republican and then jumped shipped to run as an Independent. Kind of like Joe Lieberman the senator from Connecticut. He was a Democrat, a Vice-Presidential candidate and then all of a sudden changes party affiliation, becoming an Independent.

Just like every election, there are issues that need to be addressed-health care-(cough, cough-Obamacare) education (No Child Left Behind) jobs/unemployment, gay marriage and defense. No doubt these are hotbed topics to consider for any election but the topic of gay marriage really has been put out on the forefront the last few years. Obama has definitely ruffled feathers with his stance on and support of gay marriage which may hurt his chance with some voters.

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