Viva la rasa! Means

La reconquesta

by Consti Tution on May 12, 2010

Greetings! Consti here with more on the immigration issue that no one really talks about. The dirty little secrets that liberals would rather sweep under the rug. That is the reconquesta movement. According to their website their ultimate objective is “the civilized, non-violent, democratic “liberation” of the North American continent from European-descendants.” The organization seeks to create a future nation called Anahuac. This nation will comprise North and Central America, fused into a single super-state. The Mexica Movement asserts that the entire continent of North America, which they refer to as “Anahuac“, belongs collectively to the indigenous people of North America: Mexicans, Central Americans, Native Americans, South Americans, and Canadian First Nations.

“We say Europeans are the illegals – since 1492”

And they can't spell either

“Repatriation” of white population back to Europe

Given this new majority status, the organization seeks to have “white supremacist European settlers” become the first to “return” to Europe. The next phase, the group advocates, should be a civilized negotiation to repatriate the remaining white population back into Europe, over the course of a few generations. Also to be addressed will be discussions of how Europe and European-descent people will collectively deliver reparations to the peoples of the Western Hemisphere.

On its Website, the movement states that” Europeans have a homeland: EUROPE. We are only asking unwelcomed guests (racists) to leave our home. These racist Europeans have a home to go to. The non-racists can be part of a transition to our full independence, it’s not as if Europeans are being asked to go into the Atlantic Ocean. They have a beautiful home called Europe.”

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However if you REALLY want to know about the reconquesta movement just listen to one of its supporters.


Of course these are the FIRST people to claim racism. However have you heard about the organization La Raza? While they claim to be for the immigrant have you ever heard the chant: “Viva la raza? It means “Long live the race.” That’s right kids. Those complaining about racist Europeans (us) go out and chant “Long live the race!”

While talking heads make claims that tea-party activists are bordering on sedition here we have AN OUTRIGHT CALL to overthrow the U.S. government. And have you seen this in the MSM? The answer is no because the media is either complicit or just complacent. Either way the media is not doing its job. Instead they cry a river about the potential for racial profiling in Arizona. Well I got news for you kids the Mexicans have been blatantly profiling race all along.


While little girls are told that pictures of Obama are good, but pictures of the U.S. flag are “bad” we have an entire movement dedicated to the undermining of our nations sovereignty. For those of you in Chicago, New York, Boston and the rest of the east coast you have NO idea of what is going on in your country. I suggest you do a little research today. Time to wake up America and smell the refried beans before all you are being fed is more of the same hope and change.


Enough said.


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