by Consti Tution on November 5, 2009

Do you REALLY want to fix healthcare? Consti here! Sitting in the waiting room of the fine medical facilities at the bunker for my yearly exam. While I wait for the nurse to come call my name I am reminded of something I learned in motivational speaking class years ago.

K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple stupid!

It seems to me this whole healthcare debate is more complicated than it should be. Coverage concerns, abortion, immigrants, death panels, it’s all just smoke and mirrors. What are the main goals? “To reduce costs and expand coverage Consti!” And right you are. There has been a lot of demagoguery of the capitalist system. However, since insurance companies can’t go beyond state lines I say that capitalism hasn’t been applied to healthcare to begin with. It comes down to the flawed argument of competition. The administration would have you believe that the government option won’t compete with insurance companies. However, right now the insurance companies are not competing with one another! When companies compete costs come down, choice goes up, and coverage expands! Imagine that! All the goals with ONE (1) simple answer!

Are you REALLY interested in the compassionate plea of fixing healthcare? Then there are only three (3) things really that need be done.

  1. Allow ALL insurance companies to compete across state lines on a National level. This will encourage people/business to shop their insurance around thus lowering costs, making it more affordable to lower income, expanding coverage, and WON T COST ONE (1) TAX PAYER DIME!
  2. Limit non-economic jury awards in medical malpractice cases. This gets the lawyers out of the equation and lowers the cost to your doctor s liability insurance. Savings that should trickle down to the consumer. Shakespeare said it best; ‘Kill all the lawyers.’ We are an overly litigious society and any doctor will tell you their greatest expense is liability insurance.
  3. Mandate that in order to do business in any state Insurance companies must cover ANYONE that can meet the financial requirements regardless of pre-existing conditions. This would include business paid plans so that owner/participant plans also apply. You already have the requirement of ER s to treat people so you can justify imposing this on insurance companies as well.

K.I.S.S. Healthcare fixed! And look no tax payer money spent! “But Consti that doesn’t cover EVERYONE in America!” And you are right again. But neither does the current 2,000 page proposal before congress. So why should we settle for 1.2 Trillion more debt over the next 10 years if the bill isn’t as advertised? Additionally there is enough mismanagement and misappropriations in Medicare/Medicade that if you cleaned up the system you would be able to expand coverage for the existing systems with the ACTUAL savings. Perhaps, dare I say it; keep both Medicare and Medicade from going under as has been predicted?

Are you interested in REAL change? Nine (9) reams of paper, close to 2,000 pages, and NO 72 hours to read legislative language? So much for ‘Fancy Nancy s’ pledge to post the legislation. Sounds like politics as usual to me. The Republicans prepare to release 230 pages that doesn t have the teeth the people want. Universal coverage, including pre-existing conditions. The CBO however did say that the Republican plan will decrease costs by 10% and reduce the deficit by $68 Billion. Not add 1.2 trillion to the debt. It still lacks the teeth of denial of coverage reform though.

It s not really about the number of people covered. If that was the case the Democrats shouldn t settle for only 20% more coverage. It s not about forcing people to buy insurance. That s only another form of tax hike and constitutionally questionable as ‘health’ doesn t appear in the Constitution. The secrete that is kept is that if all insurance companies HAD to cover people then coverage REALLY expands. If insurance companies could attract customers from other states then coverage expands AGAIN!

Current legislation adds 1.2 Trillion dollars to the debt of you and your kids. Want to see what that looks like? As of Nov 03, 2009 at 08:04:51 PM GMT the National debt is $11,907,922,079,519.11. The estimated population of the United States is 307,220,800 so each citizen’s share of this debt (regardless of AGE) is $38,760.12. Don t you just LOVE math! I do! So new mothers, keep in mind this applies to your newborn as well.

So I ask you this simple question. Are you REALLY for change? I m personally for a change for the better! Not just for the sake of change. Not a change to make healthcare paperwork look like the IRS forms we all file. I m for spending responsibly, not saddling our future with a football field of debt. Real change, substantive change, not just more political pie in the sky and everyone gets a piece change. That s politics as usual, and that s not what we were promised.

Time for my exam! I hope they ask me to turn my head and cough.


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