January’s Done, Marching Towards March

by dfunzy on February 1, 2012

Yup, January is done and America is marching towards March. Where are we on this first day of February? Four GOP dudes are still standing. In first place, with two wins, New Hampshire and Florida, and smiling, and looking, and talking, and being, as fresh as he can be, but still acting, like he’s auditioning for a job at Disneyland, as one of Mickey Mouse walkers, is Mitt Romney. Then we have Newt Gingrich, with one win, South Carolina, and there’s Rick Santorum, with a squealing twenty eight vote win, in Iowa, and Ron Paul, who among this class of dudes, is the only winner. Mitt, the Newtster, Rick from the Sanitarium, and Dr. Ron are the GOP primary choices.

INMHO, Rick from the Sanitarium squeaked by in Iowa, because there are a lot of GOP voters in that state, who think like him, and who should be with him in a sanitarium. There’s room in that sanitarium for the Newtster too.

For a minute, very early on, it looked like the Newtster, then like the Mitt guy, would take Iowa, but somebody out there, in God’s country, which is too Puritan to the extreme for the likes of Jesus to visit, took a look at the Newtster and found him lacking, and so they gave old Newt the boot, and gave their votes to another kook. As for the Mitt guy, well, God’s country doesn’t recognize the “latter-saint’s” man.

However, the Washington Post blog the Fix reports that in yesterday’s election in Florida, “Exit polls showed Romney winning among … born-again evangelical Christians —”a group that has ” eluded him in previous contests.”

Well, In Florida, the Newtster thought that he had them, like he thought he had them in Iowa, but then too many people remembered old Newt, and they must have changed their minds.

Mitt took New Hampshire, because, if he hadn’t won there, he couldn’t win anywhere. He’s from a neighboring state, the “Big Mass,” or the state that a lot of GOP extreme right-wingers call “the big mess.” And it is full of GOPers whom the extreme call “moderates,” whom just love the Mitt guy.

And Mitt who has lots of money to spend. Check out today’s Daily Beast article — “According to a campaign finance report, the frontrunner raised about $24.3 million between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31. That’s almost 10 times what Newt Gingrich reportedly raised, and it doesn’t even include the $24 million his super PAC, ‘Restore Our Future’ has raised.”

The big Mitt guy has lots of friends among the big, rich money guys and gals, who give him money, because he’s one of them, and because, if he gets in, by hook or crook, or by some serious dark sorcery, they know that he will trim the top one percent into the elite tenth of a percent, with not only zero taxes for the really rich guys, but increased federal welfare payments too, called government subsidiaries for the critically greedy.

Then came South Carolina. The more people, who are not like him, who are not rich, and have to worry about things like rent, mortgage payments, food, and the cost of educating their children, take a look at the Mitt guy, the less they like him, and so the Newtster got his chance for a win. Also, one must never forget, that South Carolina is in the South, and if a person isn’t some kind of a Christian, he’s playing with a handicap. Now, remember what Mike Huckabee said about Romney’s religion at the beginning of the 2008 campaign, when he and Romney were contesting for the nomination?

From a Dec 11, 2007 piece in Associated Press newswire — “(2008) Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, asks in an upcoming article, ‘Don’t Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?’ — A spokeswoman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints said Huckabee’s question is usually raised by those who wish to smear the Mormon faith.”

The Huckster also said that many people believe that the Mormon faith is a “satanic cult.” This bigoted opinion is held by many in the South.

The campaigners moved on to Florida. And if the Mitt guy had lost Florida, he would not be done, but he would be scorched, like a white sheet left out too long in the sun. The smiling, auditioning for a mouse walker gig, Disney looking guy, toned down his charm, and put teeth into his smile. He went after the Newtster the way Democrats go after Democrats. He went after the Newtster, with his fists flying, his feet kicking, his head butting, and his mouth spewing every fighting word in the dictionary.

Like the more people look at the Mitt guy, the less they like him, the more they look at the Newtster, they remember why they don’t like him. And in Florida, a large part of the GOP voters are anti-Castro Cubans, immigrants and the first generation of children born from immigrant families.

The conservative Daily Caller points out that, “Mitt Romney won the Florida primary Tuesday by a commanding 14-point margin, thanks in no small part to the Hispanic community. A CNN exit poll showed 54 percent of Latinos voting for the former Massachusetts governor, more than all of his rivals combined.”

The Newtsters speeches on immigrants were never winners. And where a large part are the GOP voters are run-away Northerners, holding up in Florida, to escape the cold and the high state and local taxes of the Northeast, the Newtster, over the years has not expressed too many kind words about people who live in the Northeast. These relocated to Florida North Easterners are people who the extremes call RINOS, Republicans in name only. If the RINOS of America don’t go to the Mitt guy, where will they go? In Florida, the exit polls showed that they went to the big Mitt. Today the Fix blog reports, that yesterday, “Exit polls showed Romney “running way in front of his opponents among those who describe themselves as “somewhat conservative” — In other words, as RINOS.

Now, let’s look at Dr. Ron, who is doing just great. Really. He’s building up a base of supporters for the long term. He’s rallying his troops for a multi-year effort. Some of his supporters are saying, in so many words, that Dr. Ron’s GOP primary campaign poses the question to America– “Why replace Obama with the Mitt guy, or with the Newtster, each of whom is Obama by another name?” They are saying that the future for real change is with Dr. Ron. If not this year, with the GOP, then later. These folks see the future beginning with a journey. The starting point is an independent fall campaign to raise the consciousness of America, and to build a new political party.

INMHO, Dr. Ron is a gentleman and a patriot, and I agree with half of his program, and think that the other half, if implement, would destroy our good and beloved America. I don’t lose any sleep over worrying that Dr. Ron will ever become President. If he would buy a picture post card of the Oval Office and put it in his back pocket, that will be the closest that he will get to the White House.

As I see things on the first of February, the Mitt guy is on the road to the GOP nomination. Even if his feet stumbles along the way, or his bus runs out of gas in God’s county, he has enough strength in his legs to crawl, and enough folks hanging on, blowing fumes into his engine, for him to get across the finish line. The GOP biggie-wiggies are pushing him, pulling him, carrying him. Old Bob Dole, the GOP standard bearer in 96, came out of Viagra retirement to help carry Romney along, because, he knows what fellow GOP establishment biggie-wiggies know, just what old Newt would do heading the GOP ticket.

Old Newt would cost the GOP, the House, cost them seats in the Senate, open the graves of long dead GOPers, The old dead grand papas would come back and treat the current GOP leaders, the way small, dense boys were treated back in the 19th century, give them each a strong kick in his rear end, and slap across the head, and that America would call these GOP leaders: dumb, stupid, wretches.

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