I Hope Romney Knows What He is Doing

by Thomas Goldsmith Oppenheimer on August 7, 2012

In an earlier post, I suggested that Romney’s strategy would be to divulge as few specifics about anything until closer to election day. This tactic would force Obama to waste time and energy with vacuous attacks – i.e. Bain Capital, tax returns, and offshore accounts. That prediction seems to have been accurate. Another suggestion was that Romney’s minions would focus on the Obama record for making messes and exacerbating problems. That seems to be fairly accurate as well.

The surprise so far to me has been the relative tameness of Romney’s ads, as well as the energy spent defending the record at Bain and the meaningless tax return distraction.

I would like to see Romney learn a bit from Bill Clinton. Go identify five examples of the small business people who will be hard hit by Obama’s planned tax increase on the ‘wealthy.’ Romney has mentioned that $250,000 in income doesn’t equate to ‘wealthy’ for many small business owners. Have these people detail how the tax increase will influence their reluctance to innovate and expand their businesses. Have these regular folks describe the punitive effects of Obamacare and the expriation of the tax cuts on their desires to grow and expand.

I know I predicted some of the things that have happened so far, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I think Obama’s stated policies and proposals are his most vulnerable areas, and I would like to see Romney educate the citizenry on the logical and destructive effects of what Obama is championing.

Again, don’t give me sound bites and talking heads; show me the people whom will most likely be the most seriously affected. They are out there, and they will be compelling spokesmen for danger of Obama’s policies.

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