Gun Law Exploitation 101

by Erik the Red on July 22, 2012

As the utter shock, dismay, and disgust (plug in a plethora of other fitting emotions) of this Aurora, Colorado shooting massacre permeates the nation, we have the all-to-predictable political players who, like the lawyer who hides behind a tree while their partner in crime performs planned car wrecks in order to collect insurance money (speaking from experience as a victim), pounce upon the remorse as a proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As fear and confusion roll across the fruited plains and crash into our majestic purple mountains, leaving very few places of escape, we have the seemingly sleepless people in power who jump for joy, in private, of course, because of yet another opportunity to promote their agenda. The same opportunity that they knew would eventually present itself: a chance to cram anti gun legislation down our American throats. Just one problem here, there hasn’t been a funeral for any of the slain, yet their collective excitement forbids them to hold onto any tact whatsoever.

Or it could be that they are all too familiar that the best time to push something through is when emotions are full steam. We need to only go back as far as 10 years ago or so when Americans were reeling the first year after the 9-11 event. People were too dazed and confused and angry and vindictive to think clearly. They wanted resolution. Period. So the soil was perfectly tilled and fertilized for the implementation of the dreaded Patriot Act, one of the worst affronts of personal liberty and sovereignty in our history. Now, instead of being fearful of menacing outside forces who would dare bust through our protective shield and trample us down in cold blood, we need not go any further than our own communities to see the same horrors coming to pass. We can stand in line at a local Wal Mart and have the pleasure of watching Janet Napolitano on one of those 13-inch tvs near the register tell us how we should report our neighbors if we see any “suspicious” activity.

“What’s wrong with that, Erik?”, you may ask.

“Nothing”, if it were simply a case of reporting a robbery or a domestic abuse situation. In other words, things that we should have always reported anyway.

But no, that’s not what she is talking about. She is basically saying that if you hear someone slandering their beloved government (probably similar to what I am saying here), the same government could “visit” such a person and, due to the fact that Habeas Corpus is all but dead, incarcerate them and hold them indefinitely. Simply under the suspicion of terrorism. And this “suspicion” is extremely subjective.

Now, we have the “Dark Night” (as it’s been dubbed by at least one local newspaper here). We have grieving families and friends who have lost loved ones at the hands of a bonafide maniac. A person who doesn’t represent the rest of us but who is already being paraded around as a poster child for “needed” gun control. Mr. Holmes, through his sweet smile and quiet demeanor, succumbed to his personal demons (you know, the same ones we all have to an extent but maintain the victory over, because we are sensible people with consciences), spent months gathering artillery and planning his outrageous act, and let loose his emotions in a terribly surprising manner. A devastating manner that, even for the survivors who were shot and the anguished people in the waiting rooms, will leave many broken….forever. Yet, what seems to be more important to some is to use the bleeding hearts of the downtrodden as a staircase to the platform of ideology. Undoubtedly, they will find a way to prove that this guy leans to the right, even if he doesn’t, and politicize this tragedy to the bone, in order to up the ante of government control over our personal lives. Be assured that this is not about safety, because there are hundreds of thousands of law-abiding gun owners in America who follow the rules and are not a danger to society. No, make no mistake about it, this is about power and control. And American history has proven that there is no better time than a time like this to forward an agenda that would normally have no chance.

This is just a small slice of the “Global Gun Grab’ pie. Go no further than Rwanda and the devastating effects as a result of a 10-year onslaught of the confiscation of the people’s weapons. When the government decided to make their move and attack, the citizenry were helpless.

Think something like that can’t happen here? The movement in the previous paragraph is getting more, not necessarily favorable exposure all the time, so its supporters normally lie low. But when the opportunity is perfectly baked, basted, and set out on the table for heart-desired feasting, they just can’t hide their enthusiasm.

Even at the expense of the dead and grieving.



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