Democrats Must Fight The Hate

by dfunzy on March 7, 2010

I supported Hilary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Presidential primaries, and up until the last primary, even after it was clear who the nominee would be. I was hoping that she would win the nomination. I supported Mrs. Clinton because I knew that she is a politician who will fight for what she believes in, and will fight hard.

Mr. Obama struck me as a politician who believes his own BS, which is a fatal fault that can end a politician’s career and work, and make the politician a miserable failure. Mr Obama came to prominence calling for the new politics of bipartisanship and universal harmony. These are lovely things, and in political Washington, they are a dream. A distant dream — a far distant dream — a dream of a place far, far, away, of a time, long, long ago! A total fantasy!

Mr. Obama is capable of fighting. He has shown that he has the intelligence and the skills to clear the decks of his political opponents. He just doesn’t seem to have any stomach to sustain a fight. America, the middle class, working people, the unemployed, students, the elderly, consumers are worth fighting for, as hard as you can, and as long as necessary. This is what Mr. Obama must do. This is what Democrats must do, or the forces of fear, of the big lie, — and frankly, of racism, hate and evil will win.

Yes, racism, hate and evil. I know those are three harsh words. The leaked 72-page Republican National Committee memo of fear is the smoking gun that reveals the Republican’s political strategy. The GOP’s one goal is to regain power, period. To do this the party set out to demonize President Obama and the Democratic leadership. They used lies and misinformation. ( They make it clear that bipartisanship will not get them back into power, and they want no part of it, except to talk the game about bipartisanship.

The Tea Party was organized, funded, led, and assisted by GOP connected activists and lobbyists, and by Roger Alies, a veteran GOP activist, who is the current President of Fox News. The goal these actors had in mind was to use the Tea Party as a tool against President Obama and the Democratic majority. Within the Tea Party there is a strong stench of racism and hate. “ founder Dale Robertson brandished a sign with the (misspelled) word “niggar.” at party rallies. (

Both the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement have members who are not motivated by racism, but their leaders use hate, race baiting, fear and lies.

President Obama and the Democrats must fight this hate, these fear mongers and answer their lies. Must keep fighting. Every lie must be answered, straight away. Every practitioner of hate must be denounced right away. Those who would use hate to divide America and fear to weaken America must be challenged straight on. The Democrats must fight. The alternative is to lose this country to haters.

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