Are Politicians Stupid By Default?

by Benjamin James on September 13, 2013


Wednesday morning, 9/11/13, as I was getting ready for work, I spent a few moments perusing the headlines and came across an article on entitled, “Obama’s Speech Leaves Congress Divided, as Before, Over Syria“. Being as how I am deeply interested in American foreign policy (or lack thereof, as is the case with the Obama administration), I decided to read the article…only to find the following statement buried in the 8th paragraph, “In a joint statement following Obama’s speech, Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., criticized the president for not speaking more forcefully about the need to increase U.S. military support to help rebel forces fighting against{Syrian} President Bashar Assad’s army.” In another article, this one from the The Washington Times, “Republican Sen. John McCain said Wednesday President Obama struck an emotional chord with the American public late Tuesday, but he was “very disappointed” that he did not lay out a plan to arm vetted rebel groups fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad.“ I can’t say that I was surprised, considering that it came from McCain/Gramm, who have displayed time and time again that they will do whatever it takes to remain politically relevant – regardless the effect it has on not only their constituents, but the citizenry of the USA at large, as well.

Seriously??? Arming the rebels??? Who are comprised, to a significant degree, of groups who are aligned with al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood??? The former thought it would be a good idea to fly planes full of innocent people into three buildings (12 yrs ago today), murdering nearly 3,000 Americans…the latter a radical group with deep ties to the Iranian gov’t, Hamas, and the PLO…all of which have made numerous sworn declarations to annihilate the United States of America.

And now, on the 12th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack and act of war ever perpetrated on American soil, these two mossbacked morons want to arm the very people who carried out that heinous action??? Did I wake up in some alternate universe this morning? Is it suddenly cool to give advanced weapons – heck, any weapons – to the very people who have expressed, repeatedly, that their sole reason for existence is to: a) wipe Israel off the face of the map, and b) destroy the United States of America???!!!

So what’s the plan, Sen. McCain & Sen. Gramm? Arm the rebels, launch a few missiles, drop a few bombs??? Then, when they do start attacking American interests in the region (with the weaponry we provided) do we send in our troops to die (victims of the weapons which we provided) for a senseless and ridiculous idea that you can somehow change the mindset & ideology in that part of the world? Haven’t the past 12 yrs taught you anything?

Seriously, do these guys, along with the rest of the war-mongering politicians in Washington, wake up and eat a box of stupid before they roll out of the house every morning?

A few days ago, a friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of Pres. Bush with the following statement, “Since when did Al-Qaeda change their name to ‘The Rebels’?”. He then posed this question, “…And we’re supposed to believe this crap? What kinda of National Interest do we have in Syria?” He and I had the following exchange:

  • Me: None!!! Which is why a huge majority of America – of all political persuasions – are adamantly opposed to ANY military action. Air/missile strikes will, without fail, lead to a much larger confrontation involving “boots on the ground”. Which will inevitably lead to Americans shedding blood for no reason and in a region where everyone involved hates us and there is no appreciation for the sacrifice. We cannot continue to be the world’s policemen. War is an ugly thing, yet occasionally the necessary evil. In this instance, however, America does NOT have a dog in the fight. The people who most hate us are busy killing one another. Why should we interfere with that effort?It’s kind of like when I was a kid…my cousins and I would fight like cats and dogs, call each other names and hate each other from dawn ’til dusk. But you let someone else step into the fight to help one side or the other, and we would ALL combine forces and crush them soundly…and it was NEVER a fair fight at that point. Same thing happens here. We intervene to ANY degree, and they will all combine forces to throw at our servicemen and women the worst that they have to offer. And then where are we?
  • GW: There is nothing what so ever in that entire country worth one single American life. Nothing. Not the people. Not the culture. Nothing. The fact that both sides are slaughtering each other is ultimately of no consequence to the US of A. Is it sad that civilians are caught in the middle? Of course it is. Should we as a Nation do something about it? No. Regardless of which side wins, whatever government that emerges from this mess will not be friendly to theUS. The current government has been our nation’s enemy for the entirety of my life. The current opposition is composed of groups that think it’s cool to fly airliners full of innocents into our buildings to teach us a lesson.Well, I’ve learned my lesson. It comes from years as an Airborne Infantryman in the US Army and watching radical Islamists in action and it comes from watching the tragedy of Sept 11th unfold on TV with the rest of this Nation. These people hate us. Above all else, we are the Great Satan to them. They can be counted on to blow off the hands that feed them. No amount of Liberal American tolerance and forgiveness will change this. Theirs is a hate that is centuries old. It’s of Biblical proportions.If, and this is a huge if, the US were to use military force in Syria it should be War straight out of the Old Testament. We should go into their land and kill every living thing. That is something that their culture would understand because that’s what they intend to do to us.

    Sorry for that soap box rant Ben. I’ve had a bad week and it was on me!

  • Me: Nothing to apologize for, Gerald. I’ve been saying that for about the past 3 weeks. Any responsibility for either my own or your soap box rant belongs squarely on the shoulders of the imposter posing as POTUS and the idiotic and moronic politicians and bureaucrats who should be ashamed to associate themselves with him – whether in the Cabinet, Senate, House, as well as the lamestream media – all of whom have made it a racist hate-crime and near treasonous event to simply disagree with his freedom destroying and bankrupting policies!!!

Are the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington D.C. really too stupid to see the clarity in this line of thinking? Or has their own self-importance blinded them to the concerns of the American people? Are they so hell-bent on punishing Syrian Pres. Bashar Assad (who, while an undeniably brutal dictator, does at least have a secular gov’t and has allowed the Christians to live in peace for many years) that they will join forces with known terrorist forces in order to bring down what has traditionally, besides Israel and Jordan, been the most stable gov’t in the region?

Have they learned NOTHING from the lessons of Egypt and Libya? Yes, the leaders of those countries may not have been ideal, but at least we knew what to expect from them. And, it’s better to deal with the devil you do know than to give power to the one you don’t know.

Pres. Obama, VP Biden, Sec of State Kerry, Sec of Defense Hagel, Congressional Leaders and Members: I implore you to remember this adaptation of old adage – The enemy of my enemy is NOT always my friend.

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