A Foul Bargain Brings a Like Reward

by silverwun on November 12, 2012

‘I think Hell’s a fable.’
“Ay, says Mephistopheles, ‘think so still, till experience change thy mind.”

One comfort for Independent voters who choose a candidate based on individual reasoning is if you chose the loser, all is not lost. Conversely, party or ‘ism’ loyal partisans feel their losses to be the end of the World. Neither side looks ideal from the middle to begin with. It is given that both contenders are liars who must conceal large parts of their agendas from the electorate. This is how the whole process turns into a popularity contest. Americans are more in love with the packaging than with the packaged in almost everything we buy.

Cooler heads are to be found in the middle. On rare occasions when truth comes out of a politician’s mouth it is almost always amply laced with deception. To learn what’s under the tinted cellophane and ribbons one simply examines what each has done; not said. A choice is then made; usually in disgust and the ballot is cast.

My disappointment with this election outcome is only slightly less than in 1980 when Ronald Reagan won. As a young liberal Democrat and active member of NOW, the partisan despair was overwhelming. It seemed the entire Nation had jumped into the proverbial hand basket to Hell! Acknowledgement of any positives was impossible.

Partisans can’t help being only able to think in group terms. Surrender of individual thinking is the price of membership in a herd; any herd.

From a more studied, mature perspective 32 years later; Obama’s victory really isn’t a total loss; at least not yet. Fears by many about right-wing moves to violate some civil rights and thwart others are alleviated for awhile. Bodily sovereignty and freedom to organize family life as people choose will not be jeopardized any time soon. Right-wing theological fanaticism, ‘Hell bent’ on imposing ways of living on others has been held back, to await another season. See how it works if your wump doesn’t sport a party brand? Your feet have ten wiggly little toes instead of two hooves.

Praise the Lord & Pass the Blame

Had not GOP leadership and Gov. Romney sold their souls to, ‘pro-life’ anti-Gay fanatics and remained secular, they could have won. Now the Democrats’ who soul-traded for pyrrhic victory with their own devils will continue to navigate a ship of state listing so far left that we are about to capsize.

What are you thinking? You Republicans cannot afford to continue stimulating yourselves in a mass pornographic fantasy that you’re champions of human aspirations to live free. You are counterfeit Constitutionalists beholden to green eyed perverts trying to subvert a secular state. Trying to impose punitive laws governing the privacy, sex lives, family lives and sexuality of others will get your party nowhere.

An anemic margin resulted in 2012 because two grievous internal and external errors in judgment were made by Republican leadership. Internally dismissive treatment of the more secular, sagacious Ron Paul faction caused deep resentment and apathy within the herd. Externally, as in 2008, the party again sealed its doom by continuing to alienate non-partisans who believe in strong secular, Constitutional government. Political midstream folks are as repulsed by a GOP guided by theological fanaticism as they are by Socialist Revolutionary militants running the Democrat Party. Some, particularly women, held noses and voted Democrat while others stayed home. Resulting anemic turnouts allowed a margin so pitifully narrow as to allow voter fraud and system tampering to actually matter for once. Blame yourselves.

As a result, First, Second and Fourth Amendment attacks will continue and more Constitutional erosion will ensue over the next four years. One set of determined tyrants was chosen over another. Blatantly unconstitutional, legislated power in the hands of the President in the form of NDAA, coupled with gradual usurpation of war powers over the last 60 years has functionally wiped out checks and balances. The Executive Branch no longer serves. It reigns and the Nation is ripe for a tyrant more now than at any other time in our history. Steady movement toward central government portends a budding bureaucratic totalitarian state comprised of two of the most tyrannical forms of government ever known.

Centralized, bureaucratic Socialism and pure Democracy are lethal to individual liberty. Combine them and whatever survives strangulation by one in the cradle is later tabooed and punished with confiscation. This supreme National folly is making us a laughing stock in the old ‘Soviet Bloc’ part of the world.

American movement toward central government that over-rules a Constitution and rules over formerly sovereign states has provided the god’s with lots of company in their laughter. After desperate struggles to escape the 70 year nightmare of Communism, Eastern Europeans now marvel over the stupidity of Americans embracing the same parasitic task master that was opposed for so many generations! Our march down this bitter road is very alarming to Americans from former Soviet dominated countries. They sought sanctuary from Communism on our shores and now the former nightmare is recurring before their very eyes! Have you doubts? Find any immigrant from those regimes and simply ask them.

Many Independents like me saw threats presented by immediate Socialist meddling as more acute than those posed by the deluded Republican Party. So we supported of the Republican candidate. Only time can reveal which enemy of liberty is closer to the prize.

The Devil’s Dance Card

Take a lesson GOP! You and your Democrat adversaries are both afflicted with the same hypocritical blindness. Advancement of great vision and noble ideas can never be accomplished by making deals with devils because devils are never loyal. Winning or losing is ultimately irrelevant when the price is your soul; your integrity; your solemn duty to a higher source to use the gift of superior human intellect instead of abdicating it to Judas Goats.

If two consecutive losses have taught nothing and you still think victory alone to be the end game, sit back and observe what Democrats and Socialist Fundamentalists have in store. What is about to unfold is just ahead; bought for their price paid in souls. Savor what freedom remains and contemplate the possibility that we and our progeny will never again breathe free as we once did.

Win or lose, it is Mephistopheles who ultimately prevails.

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