2012 Presidential Election

Can Barack Obama win a 2nd term in 2012? Can the republicans find a candidate who can seriously challenge Obama for the white house? Will a democrat emerge who desires to challenge Obama in 2012? Below is a list of the potential candidates who may challenge President Obama in 2012. Click on the images of the candidates to learn more about them.

2012 Presidential Candidates

President Barack Obama   Sarah Palin   Rudy Giuliani    Bobby Jindal   Charlie Crist   Hillary Clinton

Fred Thompson   Michael Steele   Rush Limbaugh   Ron Paul   Condoleezza RIce   Bill O'Reilly

Jeb Bush   Sean Hannity   Mike Huckabee   Mitt Romney   Newt Gingrich  Glenn Beck

Michelle Bachman   Lou Dobbs   Rick Santorum   Tim Pawlenty   John Thune  Joe Lieberman


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